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5 simple truths for successful brand development, naming & brand identity

and how we can help

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Every brand needs a name - an own-able, memorable name and brand language that gets you remembered - we can help create and protect great names


Brand Guardians is a team of experts in brand strategy, intellectual property, name development and brand thinking helping you to deliver great brands and navigate the tricky waters of naming, trade marks, logos, infringement, worldwide searches, domains, own-able assets and watching services. We work with many of the most creative agencies and their clients - in the UK, Europe and worldwide

  • Action Marketing Works
    Argent Group plc
    Arnaouti Pitta Bakery
    ATCP Group BV
    Bacchus Partners
    Black Slate Consulting
    Bonamy Finch
    Bostock & Pollitt
    Brand Union

    Browns Design
    Cabinet Office
    Carnegie Orr
    Children's Commissioner for England
    Christian Aid
    Conran Design
    Consultancy Company
    Consumer Focus
    Creative Portal

  • DCMS
    Deloitte Touche
    Dept Transport
    Designer Breakfasts
    DirectLine Group
    Edge Foundation
    Edison Investment Research
    Ethical Property Foundation
    Euro RSCG
    Exodus Fund

    GP Intranet
    Great British Chefs
    Handsome Brands
    HB Markets
    Homeless Link
    Home Office

  • Ilaria Coppola Design
    Inspiring Fitness
    Intelligent Energy
    Jardine Motor Group
    johnson banks
    Kimpton Creative
    King's College London
    Land Securities
    Legal Services Commission
    Lifeworks Foundation
    Love Creative

    Magpie Studio
    Miller Insurance
    Mini Moderns
    Moore Management
    More Th>n
    New Access
    Northgate Naturals
    Oi! Bagel
    One Housing Group
    Outward Bound Trust

  • Parago Software
    Pocknell Studio
    Prostate Cancer UK
    Puffin Produce
    Reuben Powell
    Rufus Leonard
    Saatchi & Saatchi Design
    Sapient Nitro

    Sedley Place
    Smith & Milton
    SVG Capital
    The Team
    Total Gas & Power
    Tourettes Action
    UK Space Agency

5 simple truths for successful brand development, naming & brand identity

and how we can help

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Before you can create a name (or write a creative brief) you need focus - a single brand idea, a single organising thought that inspires the brand story and guides all creative work and decision making

our single organising thought

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Our objective is to put you in control of your brand - intellectual property is the term that covers all the expression of your great creativity - isn’t it important that you know how to look after it? We offer friendly, expert help that is all about showing you what you can do - not what you can’t.

our brand values

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5 simple truths for successful brand development, naming & brand identity

and how we can help

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Push the creative to deliver great brand identities and communications - our comprehensive toolkit of visual mark searches can make sure you don't reinvent the wheel


We can show you the names and logos registered in the UK, Community Trade Mark and other countries be it by product type, trade mark or image subject, in a neatly presented report to ensure you know the territory you are working in – and that you don't end up with a red face!

And of course, we offer a comprehensive consultancy service for all your name and graphic intellectual property including Trade Marks, cultural contexts, pejorative meanings and specific criteria defined by location and circumstances.

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Here are a few ‘wheels’ devices - 15 of over 1,650 retrieved in a UK search - and that’s before we start looking internationally…

5 simple truths for successful brand development, naming & brand identity

and how we can help

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Brand is the glue that holds an organisation together; visual and verbal assets consistent with the brand idea create cohesion; a cohesive brand makes sense to its people and its customers - we know how to protect your creative assets

one of ours

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Based on our brand strategy, positioning and creative brief, we developed the More Than name and worked closely with johnson banks to deliver a cohesive brand story and visual identity - naturally we carried out all the checks and managed all the IP.

johnson banks created a great identity and a rich set of assets, all of which gives the brand great distinctiveness and consistency.

We worked closely with RSA Group Legal to ensure maximum protection for all the assets.

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a few more we’ve named…

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5 simple truths for successful brand development, naming & brand identity

and how we can help

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Our support services for agencies and their clients run from embedding brand experts within your team, to seminars to help you understand the 'how to' and 'why' of naming and intellectual property and offer a clear and affordable process to deliver great brands - that's what we do best

a comprehensive service

for the intelligent brand consultant

Call to discuss your job - we can give advice, send you information, give you the intel so you can explain to your client…

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Creativity is important to us, and our naming process and design support helps you retain maximum creative control

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We can carry out searches for you, act as a consultant on any project, or become your ‘virtual’ Intellectual Property Department

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We make sure you have all the information you need to retain maximum creative control, with seminars, informative services and expert briefings

contact us

Brand Guardians
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Kenbury Street

T. 020 7737 4443

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Pauline Amphlett leads our team of experts in intellectual property strategy, name development and brand strategy in the UK, and should be your first point of contact.

Feel free to get in touch with her personally If you would like to discuss any projects:

Pauline Amphlett
Principal Partner

M. 07711 030424

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We do have vacancies from time to time, so please send your CV with a covering email to us.

We can’t promise to respond to all inquiries, but we will put them on file and contact you if we would like you to come in for interview.

We are always interested in hearing from Trade Mark Agents, experienced brand consultants, business development professionals with a good working knowledge of IP.

executive team

Pauline Amphlett - Principal Partner
Pauline co-founded Brand Guardians with Jonathan in 1989.

Pauline’s design background helps her to translate intellectual property issues into brand relevant language and advice, protecting brands and their trade marks.

Pauline has 25 years experience in working with IP issues. Her approach works exceptionally well for brand development and meets the challenges of increased international markets, business diversification, new technology and the Internet. She works with many IP professionals, lawyers, attorneys and trade mark agents all over the world.

Pauline Amphlett
t. +44(0)20 7737 4443
m. 07711 030 424
Jonathan Mercer - Partner
Jonathan co-founded Brand Guardians with Pauline in 1989.

Jonathan originally trained as an industrial designer. He is responsible for leading strategic and naming projects, and ensuring the successful coordination and integration of complex branding projects.

Jonathan enjoys working directly with executive teams to ensure that brand strategy contributes to the success of business performance - solving real business problems.

Jonathan Mercer
m. 0798 467 3205

Kate Fishenden - Partner
Kate is a Brand Guardians partner.

She is known for her incisive thinking and ability to take strategies and convert them into practical ways to express brands and bring them to life.

Before joining Brand Guardians, Kate was Head of Brand Expression at BT, following experience as Creative Director at Design House, Coley Porter Bell and XMPR.

Kate Fishenden
m: 0798 467 3206
Peter Darlington - Trade Mark Agent
Peter leads our Trade Mark team, and is an extremely experienced Intellectual Property expert in all aspects of Trade Marks and Trade Mark law.

Peter originally trained as a legal clerk, but has been a vital member of the Brand Guardians IP team since 1997, and has represented literally hundreds of clients.

Peter Darlington
t: +44(0)1304 363004
m. 0771 215 9917



Here's some of the questions we often get asked - but feel free to call us with any query - nothing is too big, small, silly, weird, insignificant... The best way to find out how we can help is to talk to us about your project. Always in confidence.

How much does it cost to do a worldwide search of a name/logo and how quickly can you do it?

It depends on timing, countries and the products and services that need to be covered. As a rule of thumb, UK, Community Trade Mark and International Trade Mark are often the best starting point to get a feel of what's out there and whether it's worth taking forward.

We work with you to define the search requirements - or as we might say, develop the Intellectual Property Strategy - there may be specific issues around culture, language or location that we can help with. Call us to get a quick idea of how we would approach your project.

We need to register a name/logo worldwide. How much does it cost?

It depends on timing, countries and the products and services that need to be covered. It will depend on where the client's business is based, which countries they operate in and the number of trade mark classes their products and services fall into.

Call us to get a quick idea of how we would approach your project.

I've got a list of names, but I don’t want to present any names to the client they can't use - can you help?

Yes. We can test the list of names for trade mark infringement to eliminate the 'no-hope' and problematic names early on saving time, money and red faces!

Call us to ask more about our Scorecard service.

Can you show me all the logos for a particular theme? How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Yes. Our Visionary searches are designed for designers - price and timing depends on how popular the search area is - call us to find out more.

As part of our consultancy we need to find out all the names and trade marks our client owns at the moment and how it all fits together - can you help?

Yes - we can search…… Give us a call to discuss.

I've looked up a name on Google and we can't see it's being used for our client's industry, so can we use it?

Conducting a search engine check on a name is no indication of whether a name is available for use. While it can show that there is a business already using it in the same industry, you would not know what the position actually is until you do more precise and exacting searches. Call us for help.

We've got a really big, international project and we need a process, costs and timing for clearing the name and identity

We can provide a clear process for developing names and checking all aspects of name and identity development. Call us and we can give indicative costs - but these will be necessarily ballpark until we have a detailed brief. Any detailed response requires a reasonable amount of time to prepare.

We love to develop close working relationships with our clients, covered by standing NDAs, to bring best practice and value to all your projects.

We've got a name/s and we need to check to see whether they mean anything rude or inappropriate in other languages. Can you do this?

We work with language professionals to provide a 'disaster check' on names. This involves our language professional commenting on pronunciation, similarity to other words, negative meaning and other associations.

Costs depend on the number of names and which countries. Timing is on average four to five working days. Around major public holidays and over the summer this may be longer.

Our client is moving into new international markets - they need to know whether there's a problem with using their name and identity in these countries. Can you help?

Yes we can - do call to discuss

We've got a problem with a logo that's almost the same as another, can you have a look and tell us where we stand legally?

We will give our opinion based on the information you provide and our searches and analysis. We quote by the job and typically charges are from £500.

Can we register this logo?

We can give your initial feedback whether we think logo has the required degree of graphic distinctiveness to meet the requirements for trade mark registration. However, to tell you whether it conflicts with existing trade marks we need to conduct an availability search. Cost and timing for this depends on the mark itself, the countries we need to search and the trade mark classes we need to cover. Once we have this we can provide costs.

We've got a project that has a naming component. We need some expert support with this. Can you come in and work with us on this?

Yes we can! We work with many agencies on naming and have been naming names for years. Let's have a discussion to see what you need and how we can help – in the strictest confidence!

Can you help me define our brand?

Yes we can! If you are an agency we can help you define your own brand, or we can work with you as a consultant to help define your clients brand. If you are a primary client, we can work within your existing agency team to intensify their expertise and help sequence brand definition within the brand development workflow.

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